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May 2, 2016
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10 Things To Look For When Selecting A Roofing Contractor

10 things to look for when selecting a roofer

Purchasing a new roof system is a very important and costly investment. If not done properly, your new roof system may not perform correctly and could cost you additional money and heart aches that you would otherwise not deal with. Things like this make it even more important to make sure that the roofing contractor you select is reputable and will put on a good quality roof for a fair price. We have compiled a list of 10 things to look for when selecting a reputable roofing contractor.

1.) Are They Licensed? The contractor you choose at a minimum should carry a county license for that particular county you live in or have  a state license which would allow them to work anywhere in the entire state. The State of Florida requires all roofing contractors to be licensed!

2.) Properly Insured? Do they carry proper liability, workman’s compensation, and even auto insurance? Ask to have a copy of their insurance certificates and even call the carrier to make sure they are still covered. A roofer without insurance can leave you at risk, from damage to your property to liability for personal injury.

3.) Are They Manufacturer Certified Companies? Are they certified by major manufacturers to install their products? James Roofing Services carries certifications from most major manufacturers, including being a Master Elite Roofing Contractor, which is the highest honor with GAF/ELK who are the largest manufacturer of roofing materials in North America!

4.) They Have Any References? All reputable roofing contractors should be able to provide a list of recent customers. Don’t be shy to call and check on their work either.

5.) Do They Belong To Any Trade Associations? Belonging to a trade association implies that the contractor has some quality and ethical integrity on their part. Florida Roofing Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Association (FRSA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB)  are few common associations here in Florida.

6.) Do They Provide A Written Contract? Make sure they provide you with a written or typed contract, which explains everything from the scope of work to products and specifications being used if applicable. The more vague the proposal is the more room they have to cut corners on you.

7.) Do They Have Good Communication Skills? You want to have someone that you can talk to and ask questions about your project, or who will be able to keep you informed on what’s going on before, during, and after your job is complete. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, being unhappy with the finished product, or even surprises on your final bill.

8.) Does The Roofing Company Clean Up The Jobsite? Is the clean-up included in the cost of the contract? Do they clean-up as they go or do they clean-up at the very end of the project? Waiting till the end of the project can leave your property looking cluttered and can create a hazard to anyone around it.

9.) What Kind Of Reputation Do They Have? Find out where they purchase their materials from and call to ensure their account is in good standing. You don’t want a supplier to place a lien on your home because the roofing contractor didn’t pay their bill.

10.) Do They Offer A Written Guarantee? Make sure the contractor you hire offers a written guarantee on the new roof system. The roofing materials manufacturer will usually include a product warranty but this doesn’t cover the installation. You want to make sure you have something in writing insuring that he will be there to take care of the problem.


  1. Jen Pack says:

    My husband and I are building a home and we know the importance of getting a good roof. I like the tip you give of looking for a roofing contractor that provides you with a written contract to make sure that there will be no surprises later on. I imagine it would also be a good idea to talk to former clients of theirs to make sure that they have been happy with the services.

  2. Shad Morris says:

    I was thinking about having our roof replaced before Winter, and I wasn’t sure how to find a good contractor. It makes sense that you should look at their reputation, and where they purchase their materials. That way you know if they are using quality supplies.

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